Friday, June 12, 2015

happy weekend

Have you ever listened to the series Gospel Solutions for Families on the Mormon Channel? There's some really great stuff there, but the best thing I've listened to lately has been Marriage Roles Part 1 and Part 2. They are about 30 minutes long, and go way beyond talking about marriage roles. Mostly, they are just full of logical, simple solutions to problems that all marriages face. I really suggest giving them a listen next time you have a load of laundry to fold.

Girl's Camp preparations are moving full speed ahead at our house today. But I promised my kids I'd take a break and take them swimming later this afternoon. We skipped the pool yesterday to give some sunburned cheeks a rest and we were all miserable because of it.

I just had to post this photo of my handsome little dude from last Sunday. He's been wanting a suit to wear to church for forever and we finally found one at Target. When he tried it on, he exclaimed, "Look how cute it is!" I couldn't not buy it. He was beaming (and moving very stiffly) in it all day. Little boys are the best.

Stay cool friends!

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