Monday, November 03, 2014


Elliot loves dressing up. He wears this get up on a regular basis, and was stoked to add a real holster, cap gun, and spurs to the ensemble for Halloween.

I was hard pressed to choose a favorite costume this year, but I think Stella wins. She is practically perfect in every way as Mary Poppins. Her hat was a great find in a New Orleans antique store (with a few flowers glued on), her umbrella was from the French Market, and the rest of her outfit was found at thrift stores and Old Navy. She's been dying for high heels, and she needed new church shoes anyway, so we splurged on these new patent leather pumps from Payless.

"For only $300 you can sign up right now for my 8-week program. Break the wrist, walk away." We love Napoleon Dynamite at our house, so Oliver's Rex costume was a no-brainer. We tried to convince Elliot to be Kip, but he wasn't on board. Alas.

Mabel was a gypsy. She is a lover of accessories, so something that required layers and layers of jewelry was right up her alley.

The whole crew. I took Stella and Elliot around our neighborhood for trick-or-treating, but Mabel and Oliver have outgrown me. They both chose to go with friends this year. Mike stayed home and frightened all of the little children as he passed out candy in his horse head mask.

It was fun, but let's be honest, we're most excited for Thanksgiving around here. Bring on the pie!


  1. They all look great Stephanie!

  2. Such great imaginative costumes! Love them and great photos!! :)
    Btw, I was a Gypsy so many Halloweens. Unfortunately, my parents weren't big on photos and there are no photos of those Halloweens.

  3. You tell Elliott that is the best Halloween costume I've ever seen! :)


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