Sunday, November 30, 2014

for the principle of obedience

Last summer we drove through the desert to my parents' house in Sundance, Utah for a visit. Because of repairs being made to the main road, we were detoured onto a temporary road that we had never traveled before. It was late at night and so dark outside as we made our way along this small, two lane road that wound through the Indian reservations of Arizona. The car was silent, as everyone slept but me, the driver. This unfamiliar road had many twists and turns, with only my small headlights to light the way. I remember being grateful for the signs I saw, warning of turns or dips ahead. I was grateful for the posted speed limit that kept my family traveling at a safe speed. As I had never driven this particular road before, and because I could not see beyond my own headlights, I didn't know what dangers might lay ahead. But I knew that if I followed the signs and obeyed the laws, I would arrive at my destination safely. I think about this experience often, and I was reminded of it again during my church meetings this morning.

I believe that Heavenly Father has given us signs that warn us of danger ahead. He has given us speed limits. He has given us laws, and if we follow His safety precautions, we will return to Him. Because I have never traveled this road of my life before, I am not aware of the dangers that lay ahead. But because my Heavenly Father loves me (and you), He has shown me (and you) the way to travel with safety. I know that if I follow His laws, I will arrive at my destination intact. That is not to say that there won't be turns or dips or detours along the way. Surely there will be bumps in my road. But my Heavenly Father will help me to navigate them if I will follow Him.

I am thankful for His laws that keep me safe, and for the desire to obey them. For I know that it is through obedience to His laws that blessings come.


  1. Stephanie, I just wanted to tell you that as I have read your posts this month I have often thought how thankful I am for you. I appreciate all that you share on your blog. I learn from your perspective on life and motherhood and your love of God. You inspire me to be a better me. Thank you.

  2. I love this, and from life experience I agree 100% that obedience brings blessings...every time.
    I have enjoyed your thankful posts so much, as usual. Thank YOU!


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