Friday, October 03, 2014

happy weekend

Park weather is here! Hooray! I feel like we should win some sort of award for making it through another Arizona summer. Oh, I am so glad that it's October. October means opening the windows in the mornings, changing the laundry in the Arizona room without breaking into a full on sweat, and finally wearing jeans. It feels really good.

Have your kids decided what they want to be for Halloween? Costumes were the subject of much discussion around our house this week. Elliot changes his mind just about everyday, so we won't be making any official decisions any time soon. I don't love Halloween, but I am actually starting to like the idea of putting costumes together. The rest of my kids have some great ideas this year. Let's hope the Goodwill comes through for us.

This weekend is our semi-annual General Conference. It is hands down one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. I am very much looking forward to getting cozy in the basement, eating cinnamon rolls, and listening to the inspired words that will be spoken. I hope you'll find a chance to listen in. I'll be sure to take notes and report back on Monday with my favorites.

Here's a little blurb about it:

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love your pictures. : )

    My "kid" is almost 19 but yes, she still always plans a costume, typically a combination one with her boyfriend, because there's always a Halloween party here or there and just for the fun of it as well. I'm not sure what she has in mind this year yet, but they've been looking.

    October here in Illinois, typically means turning on the heat for the first time and that might happen this weekend with lows around 38 degrees tonight. : ) I do love this time of year though, and we still have some warmer days of 60s and 70s to look forward to.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I think you shipped Arizona heat to Orange,Ca. It has been so hot and I will be so glad for it to cool down . Halloween costumes are so fun. Please be sure to send pictures. Hugs


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