Tuesday, August 05, 2014

our time in Sundance, in too many pictures

I can't tell you what a dream it is to escape the desert heat for the lush coolness of my parents' house in the Wasatch Mountains each summer. Just looking at these pictures brings me right back there, never mind the blistering heat outside my window. Oh Sundance, I didn't appreciate you when I lived in Provo all of those years!

The two day drive (we stopped over in Kanab on our way up) was worth it just for this sweet moment.

Sundance in the summer means hiking through waist high ferns and shady aspen trees.

Leslie and her kids beat us there by a few days. They found a homemade zip line near the stream beneath my parents' house. It got lots of use.

My mom's friend, Brenda, is always so nice to have us over for a swim when we're in town. She has quite possibly the most breathtaking pool in all the land.

And of course, no trip is complete without a little tour of the BYU. We went to the newly renovated Bean Life Museum (it was fantastic!), the Museum of Art, and of course, the bookstore.

These are my favorite kind of hiking trails (with my favorite trail guides up ahead, too).

On Sunday, we went to the live broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word in the Conference Center. It was such a treat. Afterward we found a Sacrament Meeting to attend in the Joseph Smith Building. Both meetings were wonderful. If you are ever in Salt Lake City on a Sunday, I highly recommend doing this!

A family photo op in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

One last hike through the summer rain.

And our traditional cousin bench photo outside the Foundry Grill at Sundance. What a week!


  1. Wonderful photos and memories for sure! : )

  2. Looks like a dream. Sigh....

  3. We are staying at the City Creek Marriott this weekend! Can I ask how you figured out the sacrament schedule at the JSMB?? I would looove to take my kids to church there!! Thanks in advance for any advice! :-)

  4. hi beth. the sacrament meeting we attended started right before 11 am (it is the last meeting of their block, i think) on the second floor of the jsmb. there were people there directing us up to the chapel. i think there is a later meeting, too, but i'm not sure of the time. have fun!


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