Friday, July 11, 2014

happy weekend

Speaking of using time wisely, Mike and I spent a couple of hours at the temple last night. That is always a good use of my time. It is a quiet, thoughtful place, where I can put aside the cares of the world for a bit, and focus on the things of the spirit instead. I left with some much needed insight and a resolve to be a little better, particularly in one area where I am struggling.

Two things: When we entered the temple yesterday evening, the evening sun was blazing and the heat was stifling. We came out to darkened skies, and still the same oppressive heat. It is monsoon season here in the desert. We haven't seen much rain yet, but you can cut the air with a knife, it is so humid. We tried to beat the heat by running at 5:30 this morning, but it didn't work. Oh man, it was so hot.

Also, no one ever told me that when your first born child is old enough to babysit for you, the whole world opens up. Mabel has been babysitting for us for about a year, and it is life changing. Trips to the temple, or even the grocery store are possible like they never were before. If your oldest is still too young to babysit, hang in there. Your time will come. And when it does, it is marvelous.

I hope you have a good weekend!

p.s. My friend, Annie, wrote an essay about how the longer we are parents, the less likely we are to give parenting advice. So true!


  1. As an oldest child (of eight children), I definitely did a LOT of babysitting growing up. I'm pretty sure my parents didn't pay for a babysitter once I turned ten or so. But it had a (probably unintended) side effect: it's excellent birth control, haha. Nothing will disabuse you of the notion that little children are endless joys who love you unconditionally like babysitting your little siblings (or someone else's).

  2. Your description of a Mesa summer evening really takes me back. I can close my eyes and "hear" the heat. The crickets, the sound of a/c units running, and backyard pool filters running. I can feel the waves of heat rising up from the sidewalk and smell the grass and citrus groves. Crazy as it sounds, you've made me homesick!

  3. Emma being 12 has been heavenly. Bad thing is people in the ward like her so they call her to babysit. Here is what we do with her, we don't pay her, we gave her the option to be payed for babysitting and then she has to pay for the extra stuff in life she would like to do, like piano and volleyball OR she babysits for free and we pay for those things. didn't take long for her to see free was a better way to go for her. Yesterday i went to winco with just carson and she stayed with the girls and even that was a huge blessing. so yay for girls being born first.

  4. Thanks for the link--I clicked over to read it and discovered that your friend Annie is my old VT companion Annie from Provo days! Small world. :-)

  5. My father's only advice to his grown children; never allow an older sibling watch (babysit) another sibling. Wise words.


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