Friday, July 04, 2014

happy weekend

We've fallen into quite a good summertime routine around here. The kids sleep in. We eat a nice breakfast. Then we build forts or play with legos or even run errands if we're feeling particularly brave. We try really hard to not use the tv in the mornings, but sometimes it happens and it's not a big deal.

Something new I've been trying: I've made lunch our main meal. Mike has been working from home a lot lately, so he's around in the middle of the day. It's been awfully nice to get all of the major cooking out of the way before the heat sets in. After lunch, Elliot takes a nap and the other kids find a book and a cozy spot for quiet time. I don't even have to remind them anymore. We spend our afternoons at the pool, coming home for a quick bite (something like smoothies and cereal or fruit) and then bed.

My favorite thing so far: I've completely stopped stressing about bedtime. It's so nice to not feel rushed during this part of the day. This is something that I struggle with during the school year, and it feels good to go slow and not worry if someone is getting to bed a little later than they should. It might make the adjustment to earlier bedtimes next month tricky, but for now I am really enjoying it.

Do you have any fun Independence Day plans? Big surprise, we don't. :) I did buy a watermelon, so that's something. I hope you find some fireworks!

Have a happy weekend. And hooray for the USA!


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