Friday, June 06, 2014

happy weekend

The kids have been trickling in to the kitchen for breakfast this week, one at a time. Elliot is always first, dragging his Wolfie and looking for a hug. Stella, who had a hard time moving quickly before school, has been staying in her bed sometimes for an hour after she wakes up. She makes her way upstairs last, usually after the breakfast dishes have been cleared and cleaned. Oh well. That's what summer is all about.

Mike signed them all up for swim classes at the city pool this week and next, but luckily they don't start til mid-morning. It gives us lots of time to move slowly in the mornings if we feel like it. And we do.

Since they don't have swim class on Fridays, I was thinking about taking the kids to see Maleficent today, but I'm afraid it's too scary for my little ones. Have you seen it? Is it as scary as the trailers make it seem? Because they make it seem really scary.

Have a good weekend!

***Update: I took Mabel (almost 12) and Oliver (9) to the movie, but I left Stella (6) and Elliot (4) at home. I'm so glad I left my little kids at home. It is way too intense for young children. I would have felt really uncomfortable with them there, and I know many scenes would have been much too frightening for them. But Mabel and Oliver and I liked it!


  1. I haven't seen the movie but I'd like to. My daughter (18) just saw Fault in Our Stars last night and loved it, she read the book and is very obsessed with it, so she had been waiting a long time to see it. It's not for little ones though.

    Our summer is quite different since I work outside the home, and there are days that I come home and my 18 year old is still in bed (at 2:30) or just waking up. Teenagers, it's up all night and sleep all day, except when she has to work (she works at the mall) or otherwise has something else scheduled. But yes, it's all about mostly enjoying lazy, relaxing days. :)

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Our friends went, they said it's ok for my older kids, but not younger. :)

  3. I saw it, and I won't be taking my four-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. He gets nightmares easily, and if you're familiar with the animated version, some of the scenes are identical but in reality. I think he would be too scared. My ten-year-old will be fine, though. Maybe a date night with dad.


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