Friday, March 28, 2014

It's always more fun when Gramma is here.

My mom was in town for a few days this week. She flew out early this morning and we miss her already. Something fun we did while she was here: we let Stella skip school and we spent the morning at the zoo instead. I think it was Elliot's first time and he was duly impressed. Plus, the weather was gorgeous. I honestly don't think we'll see another day that nice until October.

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? I'm getting my hair done. Yippee! That's always cause for celebration. And I am super excited to bring Mabel with me to the first ever General Women's Meeting for our church. We are going to watch it at our church building, but you can view it at home, too. That link will tell you how. I am anxious to hear from our women leaders. I know they will have many good things to tell us.

Have a happy weekend!

p.s. Thank you for all of your nice comments about my dress. I will be sure to forward them on to Mike. :)


  1. Aren't grandparents just the best?! Sounds like you had a lovely day out with the littles!

  2. So fun! And yes, I thought your dress is adorable as well.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Happy Weekend! It's Mother's Day over here today, so I'm enjoying a lovely day with my boys and stuffing my face with chocolates :)


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