Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December, so far

Sometimes after blogging every day in November, I need to take a break. But the itch to document my life here on my blog always comes back eventually. I hope you are having a happy December. Ours has been wonderful - busy, but really great. Here are the highlights:

We decorated the house and my parents came to town.

We made our first batch of freshly squeezed orange juice and Mabel performed with the East Valley Millennial Choir and Orchestra. It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful show.
(We highly recommend joining if you live in the East Valley, or Dallas, Texas or Orange County, California or Utah.)

Elliot accompanied me to my hair appointment and was thrilled about it (obviously)
and he spent lots of quality time with my dad on their various electronic devices.
(They read lots of books together and hugged on the couch plenty, too.)

We said so long to the Grand Wagoneer. She is off to her new life as a display model at a Jeep parts manufacturer in Georgia. 

Not pictured:
the school spelling bee, a new coop for the chickens, freezing temperatures,

How has your December been so far?


  1. bet you were a bit sad at seeing your jeep go. You are have a busy time but sounds fun and glad David and Lauren could come and visit. We are busy as usual with many events at Chapman and some other celebrations at friends houses to go to. Love this time of year and missing all of the fun times we had on past Cristmas Eves when you all were young. However, there are good memories and we are so blessed to have them. Hugs

  2. fun update! I am dying over our chicken coop situation and wondering if you found something wonderful, and if you'd pass along the info! We added two chickens to our coop, and I feel they may be in too tight of quarters! Please share!

  3. Fun! Now what will you be driving?

  4. Sad about the Wagoneer! At least it's not going off to a parts yard to be pulled apart and squashed! My niece's daughter Ella sang in the same choir as Mabel did. They posted clips on Instagram and the kids sounded fantastic! What a wonderful kick off to the season. Some of my favorite photos are of my
    children just hanging out with my Dad, reading books with him and playing games. Treasure these times!


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