Friday, November 15, 2013

for our school

There has sort of been a lot of drama at our school this year. Blah. Some of the parents and teachers aren't happy with some of the things the principal has done. It is unfortunate, because I think it is the children who suffer in these situations.

However, drama aside, I am grateful for our neighborhood school. Our family has had nothing but the best experience there, with the most wonderful teachers who work so hard on my children's behalf. I feel very lucky each morning as I hug them goodbye, knowing that they are safe and happy at school. (And right around the corner, too, so they can come home for lunch if they want to!) I am grateful to live in a country that educates all of its children. Sometimes I think we take that for granted, but it really is such an amazing thing.

This morning, Elliot and I watched Mabel and her team dominate the Battle of the Books. They got a perfect score, and are in the lead as they head into the next round in February. Yay, Mabel!

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  1. i, too love our school. we chose our home based on the elementary school and high school our kids will attend so a lot of research went into our choice. i volunteer two days for four hours each day in my kids' classrooms and i love more things about it than i can retell. i may be doing mundane things but my presence there is helpful, anticipated and appreciated and i love how that makes me feel.


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