Tuesday, November 12, 2013

for enough

Another side effect of gratitude (besides happiness) is contentment. When I am grateful for what I have, what I have becomes enough. I know this to be true.

Here's another thing: we have always had enough food to eat, and a comfortable roof over our heads. Our needs have always been met and that is a blessing I will never, ever take for granted.


  1. I had a feeling of enough today with the reports coming from Phillipines. And a enough to share.

  2. in YW we have been talking about gratitude and telling the girls there is always something to be grateful for everyday, you just need to look for those tender mercies. love it.

  3. we've been dejunking around here too -- we always do a big one right before and right after christmas. it's so cleansing. a friend's sister was recently diagnosed with cancer and has lost a lot of weight with all the taxing treatments and so i found myself be overly judicious as i went though shamefully well-stocked closet and found things i could give her. it felt stupendous!


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