Thursday, August 15, 2013

dreaming of fall

It never fails. School starts and I get tricked into thinking it's fall. But it's so not fall. It's still blazing hot, and it will be until October. (I just want to wear jeans darn it!) But that didn't stop me and Elliot from blasting Simon & Garfunkel and making pumpkin cookies this morning.

Baby steps til October. . .


  1. Same here, Stephanie...Fall is always in my heart! Can't ever go wrong with pumpkin cookies! : )

  2. You have to do what you can, I guess. We have great weather today, in the 80s! We are loving it; spent about 3 hours at the park.

  3. Heck I live in Wisconsin where we have a true 4 seasons and I remember being in high school which began the last week of August. At that point all I wanted to do is wear all my new fall clothes.. Sweaters and such and it always would be suddenly blazing hot! Seems the weather and what we are thinking do not always want to jive! For instance this August o far has been flat out cold. Like nights in the 50's. Real football weather.

  4. Toes sound good anytime.summer,fall, winter and spring.

  5. This morning I had the same realization. "Gee it's been really hot here the past three days, oh yeah, our summer hot weather season is Aug-Oct. Darn." So not fall. :( But I fully support pumpkin cookies to get us all through. I'm making icebox limeade pies once a week here to keep us cool. Can't even bear turning on the oven this summer.


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