Monday, June 10, 2013

on learning how to mother

Do you ever hear something and it makes such an impact on you that you immediately write it down so you'll never forget it? It doesn't happen often to me, but yesterday, in Relief Society, an older sister in our ward made a comment. I'm not even sure if it answered the question the teacher had asked, but it made me reach for my pen and whatever scrap of paper I could find in my purse and jot it down as quickly as I could.

She was describing her experience as a temple worker (learn more about our temples here or here), but oh! Isn't that so applicable to life at home, too?

Just the day before, I had handled an opportunity to correct one of my children poorly, and I was still feeling awful about it. As soon as I heard this sister's comment, I realized what I should have done differently. I am grateful that I was in a position to learn from her experiences in the temple, and I hope hope hope I will handle the next situation like this instead.


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  2. you are special-love you

  3. Oh I love those moments!! I too had one yesterday, we were talking about how the Lord looks for every opportunity to bless us- if we let him. I thought as a parent, do I look for every possible opportunity to lift my child up? Made me think about things a bit different. I love that we are always learning, I hope I have these moments well into old age!


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