Sunday, June 16, 2013

on Father's Day

"It is useless to debate which parent is most important. No one would doubt that a mother's influence is paramount with newborns and in the first years of a child's life. The father's influence increases as the child grows older. However, each parent is necessary at various times in a child's development. Both fathers and mothers do many intrinsically different things for their children. Both are equipped to nurture children, but their approaches are different. Mothers seem to take a dominant role in preparing children to live within their families, present and future. Fathers seem best equipped to prepare children to function in the environment outside the family." James E. Faust

Oh, this is true! Mike teaches our children things I don't even realize they need to know. He takes his role as father seriously, but still manages to be the fun parent. I'm not sure how he does it, but I am ever so glad to be by his side while he does.

Happy Father's Day, especially to my dear old dad!


  1. That is so true and very inspiring...Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

  2. Aren't you blessed as all my grandkids are. They all he wonderful kind and loving mothers and fathers. That is such a good quote,

  3. That is such a great quote. That was one magical night when we met these boys in '97. I am so grateful we both chose such upstanding men to be our husbands. Love you guys!


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