Thursday, June 13, 2013

a party for Mabel

I'm not quite sure how this is possible, but Mabel is turning 11 soon. We had a little party to celebrate. She invited some of her favorite friends (and Stella) over for build-your-own pizzas and brownie sundaes.

They painted their nails. And watched a movie. And played a few games. And even though she specified "no gifts" on her hand made invitations, her sweet friends brought her presents anyway. She was sort of overcome by their generosity.

Happy almost birthday, Mabel!


  1. So sweet and it. What a darling girl you have. Happy Birthday to her! :)

  2. She was so tiny and had that cute short haircut when we moved into the ward. And NOW LOOK AT HER! What happened! She's so grown up and beautiful! Happy Birthday Mabel!

  3. Beautiful pictures of Mabel. Happy Birthday, and you will always be #1. love Nana

  4. oh i love her so much!!


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