Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day in review

Yesterday was a good day. I sure love being a mother to these kids. They were sweet and thoughtful all day long. I don't think they've ever been so tidy, either. My favorite moment of the day came during Sacrament Meeting, when the primary kids sang a special Mother's Day song. Elliot went up to the stand, too, even though he's not in primary yet. He was front and center and he smiled and waved enthusiastically to me the whole time. It was pretty great. Mike was generous in his help and I felt very loved and appreciated.

I used to think that what I wanted for Mother's Day was a day off, but I realized that never made me happy. So yesterday, I went about my day as usual, and I was overcome by the joy I felt in caring for my family. It was a happy day, and I am so grateful for my role as a mother.


  1. So nice! I felt the same way!

  2. Exactly how I love Mother's Day...I remember having that realization as a young mom too.

  3. I love Mother's day too. Even though my babies are grown and are grandfathers they have given me beautiful grandchildren and they in turn have given me wonderful great grandchildren. I am so blessed and grateful for all. Can't wait till middle of June when I can hug you all.
    Much love

  4. It was such a great day for me that I was kind of thinking that we should extend out the celebration for a week. While I am fully grateful for my calling as a mom, I actually spend most of the day thinking about my mom. I think that's the virtue of Mother's Day: we're all keeping the commandment to honor our mothers and there are real blessings attached doing that.


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