Friday, May 03, 2013

big plans

It's not always sunshine and smiles around here. I promise. Sometimes we are very grumpy people.

Hopefully those frowns won't stick around. The men are off on their annual Fathers and Sons campout with our ward tonight. This will be Elliot's first time going, and I am pretty sure he's going to love it. I will love sleeping through the night in my cozy bed without a little person waking me up. Wish Mike luck, though, will you? I'm sort of worried for him.

On Saturday we are having some new friends over for dinner, and I am excited! And only a little bit nervous. We never ever have people over. Mike and I are really lame at being social, so this will be good for us. Also, I'm teaching Relief Society on Sunday, and I am hoping that hosting a little dinner party the night before will divert some of the butterflies that are already buzzing around in my stomach.

And then. . . our baby will turn three. Just like that. Say it isn't so. I'll be sure to share some photos from his big day next week. Because I know you will be dying to see them. Ha!

Have a good weekend.

p.s. Happy birthday to my big brother, Matthew, who is off surfing in Nicaragua!


  1. I think that life, at least for me, is just filled with good grooves and weird funks. I can be a bit dramatic sometimes, though. Have a fun weekend, Steph. Enjoy that big bed. :)

  2. Steph have a good and easy recipe for dinner guests. You can make sauce ahead and just cook the pasta. Then all you have to do is make a salad and garlic bread. All can be done before they get there. I also do chicken thighs in the crockpot with bar b que sauce over them and then just bake a potato and make a green salad. I usually have a baguette sliced into pieces, buttered and put into oven to get warm and kind of crispy. Just a few ideas about cooking ahead so you can enjoy your guests and don't have to be cooking while they are there. It also keeps you kitchen clean so you don't have to look at dirty cooking pots etc. You know I have company all of the time so I am always looking for east recipes. Love you

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Love you blog!

  4. We are excited too! And we can always discuss your lesson over dinner :)

  5. What is your lesson on? I bet it will be great. :)


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