Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like summer.

We're sort of all ready to be done with school. How about you? Things like backpacks and lunch boxes and sneakers are starting to disintegrate, and getting everyone ready and out the door in the morning is getting harder and harder.

Stella always asks when the next day that Mabel and Oliver don't have school will be. (She lives for Saturdays.) She has big plans for this summer, I think. I've even heard mention of a "sister day", although I'm not sure what that entails. Anyway, we're all ready for a change.

So I hung up some hooks for our swimming towels. And purchased the fanciest slip n' slide that the grocery store carried. And then I applied lots and lots of sunscreen, and the kids played outside all afternoon.

If only this was the hottest it got! I have such a love/hate relationship with our Arizona summers.


  1. I love the COURT hooks. So cute!
    I despise being hot, so I don't know how I'd do with AZ summers. ;)

  2. We bought our play pool today! Here comes summer!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am SO pumped for summer. And I haven't seen a slip n slide in years!!! So cute.


  4. I'm so done with school, too, but always dread the summer heat. We have had a cold snap today and we are in the 50s! Craziness. Yesterday we wore shorts.


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