Friday, February 08, 2013

weekend plans

We've spent lots of time outside and at the park this week and that makes for happy, healthy kids. Until I snapped this picture yesterday, I had no idea how similar Stella and Elliot looked. Same eyes, same biting of lips. Same noses, too? They've been having so much fun together, it makes me so glad. But what on earth is Elliot going to do when Stella is away at kindergarten next year?

So. . . I haven't finished scraping off my linoleum yet. Blah. I wasn't kidding when I said it was the worst. It is taking me forever and completely ruining my hands. I have high hopes that I'll get it off this weekend, though. And then I am going to bask in the cool smoothness of the concrete for a minute before I start thinking about paint.

Anything fun planned at your house this weekend? I'm sort of hoping for a long run with Mike tonight. And by long I mean no more than five miles. That's about my limit. I'm not sure when running became my "fun", but I guess I'm glad it has.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Yep, they look very twin-ish.
    So sorry your linoleum is being difficult. When we redid our last house, our linoleum came up way too easy. Too bad we didn't have the same luck with the wallpaper!

  2. We're having a big blizzard in Boston! I just turned the oven on to make banana bread. I've got plenty of supplies (milk, bread, movies) and hope to have a relaxing, productive weekend.

  3. They are so sweet and do look alike! I wish I could help you scrape the linoleum-you could watch Janey and I could work without interruption for a few hours, which honestly, right now sounds fun to me-the single-mindness of hard work. Weird, I know. Have a great weekend!

  4. They look so much a like!!! Its amazing! I am with you on running and playing at the park. Being outside is wonderful! I am looking forward to our park date. Have a wonderful weekend, Stephanie!

  5. Happy weekend! I get to go to a baby shower (Yay!) and a collegiate wrestling meet (which will be new and fun, I think).

  6. love those two. Yes they look much alike = never noticed it before either. Grampy has a women's softball game at noon and a woman's basket ball game at 5:00 and then the basketball team has invited us to dinner after the game. I will go to the 5:00 as they are very good and I do like watching them. Just called Breanne and she has LOTS o f snow, Don't think it is as much as Elliott through. Love you and have a great weekend.


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