Saturday, November 26, 2011

grandparents, the ocean, and a veggie burger

This morning we went to the beach to look at the ocean and feel the cool breeze on our faces (also so my brothers could surf). Then we spent the afternoon at my grandparents' house looking through old family photos and drinking lemonade. Then burgers and shakes at Ruby's! This might have been my most perfect day. I am thankful for ocean air and the feeling I get when I walk into my Grammy's house. I'm thankful for banana cream dream shakes and veggie burgers. Mostly though, I'm thankful for a day spent with my favorite people.


  1. It was a perfect day for me too because you all were here. Love you

  2. Glad that your family came over to the oc and that we all had a wonderful thanksgiving! Mom

  3. what a tender photo. leslie always talks with such fondness of your grandparents and sunny california. it was so fun to drive by the house y'all grew up in when i visited with her in '04. oh ruby's...oh i love thee. thanks to you p*s, ruby's is part of our yearly california traditions -- though the hunnington beach locale is my favorite, "ours" in on the PCH in newport is pretty fantastic, too.

  4. I think you should consider Destination Dentistry for your kids. Come on over here, visit the beach, and get their teeth cleaned! Perfect!!!

    Ruby's at the end of Oceanside Pier is the best!


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