Monday, October 31, 2011

a costume report

Stella started the weekend in pink as "Barbie as a rock star fairy princess". On Saturday, she decided to be a "wedding girl" instead. And that is why I don't worry about finding her a costume. I know she will change her mind a million times. Luckily we have a well-stocked dress-up collection. What will she wear to her preschool Halloween party this morning? Probably something else. For a girl who has multiple wardrobe changes on an ordinary day, Halloween is lots of fun.

Elliot didn't dress up this year. I mean, I didn't dress Elliot up this year. He didn't seem to mind, he was just pleased to find a bounce house. He had a lucky few minutes in there all by himself.

Mabel was a bat. Not Bat Woman. Just a plain old bat, thank you very much.

Oliver wanted to be a blue wizard with a slouchy hat. His wish was my command.

We rounded out our weekend with lots of candy and some face painting.
It was fun, but is Halloween over yet?


  1. they look so cute. wish they were here for trick or treating. I love the picture of Stella in her wedding costume -the precious face. Have a fun time and I know you will.
    See you end of this month-can't wait!!!!

  2. Keep the picture of Stella in the brides outfit! I have a pic of me at age 3 in a bride outfit and a picture of my fiance in a ring bear suit at age 4 and we used them for our save the dates and will be using them for our wedding's adorable!

  3. oh, love them! love them all. i love elliot sporting the sundance shirt :)

  4. They are pretty adorable. Yeah, I remember when halloween was just one night. I think that is how it should be!


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