Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now that they're older, I like them quite a lot.

Let me tell you something. When I was little, my brothers used to drive me crazy. I realize now that's just what brothers do. If you have brothers, then you understand. But now I really like them!

Would you like to meet them?

Elliott, on the left, is the oldest. He is a businessman and father of 5. He is married to Ginger, who likes to reupholster furniture in her spare time. Much to my delight they just moved a few minutes down the road from us. Previously, they lived in Indiana, which is significantly farther away than a few minutes. We are so happy to have them in our town! (Side note: my baby shares his name, but not his spelling. My Elliot only has one t.)

Matthew, in the middle, is a graphic designer and father of 4. He is the only one of my siblings who still lives in southern California, where we grew up. He likes to surf, and I am just waiting until his surfboard shaping side job becomes his main gig. His wife, Katie, is the superwoman behind Singers Company.

After Matthew, comes Leslie, then me, then Lincoln, on the right. Lincoln is in his final year of dental school in Las Vegas, and is baby David's daddy. My kids call him "Guggle" and he is the nicest, most easy going guy you will ever meet. He is married to Mimi, who has enough energy in her little body to move mountains.

Julianne is the baby, and now that she is married, I think we are all officially grown up.

There, now I feel like we know each other a little bit better.


  1. i love our family.

  2. Just look at those 3 gorgeous handsome grandsons!!!!Love them so much!!!!

  3. Do you mind my asking why you decided to name your baby Elliot with one T? It's OK if that is private. I'm just curious because I am due in January and we are naming our baby Elliott. We love the name Elliott, we all have 7 letter names and I tend to be a little OCD so that's how we decided on the spelling.

  4. I have 3 brothers too. :)

  5. sure thing, natalie! we chose elliot with one t because we felt like it was the more common spelling. also, elliot road is a street near our home, and we thought people in this area would be more used to that spelling. and for the final reason, elliott is a family name on my side, but elliot is a family name on my husband's side. it wasn't my husband's first choice for our baby, so i felt like spelling it with one t was sort of a compromise. it turns out that no matter how you spell it, people always get it wrong. :) good luck with your baby!

  6. Isn't it great to really enjoy one's siblings? Especially pesky brothers who grow up to be quite interesting and intelligent!
    And handsome to boot.

  7. Your parents must be so proud of all of you. My brothers never drove me crazy, because I was much older, and drove THEM crazy instead. And probably still do. :)

  8. This was such a sweet post...and I loved the links to all the other "family" blogs. All of you are so interesting!


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