Monday, June 27, 2011

Utah, part one

We are home. And boy did we have fun. We didn't do much besides read (I always bring a book, but end up reading my mom's English country magazines instead.), watch movies (My kids saw What's Up, Doc and What About Bob? for the first time.),  and explore the mountain (Daily trips to the stream or the meadow or the falls were a must.). I think my kids could have stayed forever. It was heaven.

I took my camera, but didn't use it once. This travelogue is brought to you entirely by Instagram.

Stella found a willing ear in Gramma. While in town, we went to the Church History Museum to see Mabel's drawing of Noah's Ark displayed.

Elliot had his first kitchen sink tubbie. He liked it, but sadly, our kitchen sink here at home isn't built for bathing babies. After the museum, we hung around Temple Square for a bit.

Stella found a mom rock and a Stella rock while waiting for Mike and Oliver to come down the Alpine Slide in Park City. We admired the scenery at the base of Sundance.

We had super yummy food at the Sundance Foundry Grill, and that pretty girl turned nine! I did my best to convince Mabel and Oliver to attend BYU someday, even bribing them with books from the bookstore and ice cream from the Creamery.

On the drive up, we stopped at the big rocking chair in Beaver for a photo and a chocolate shake.

Not pictured is my Dad hugging Stella from the back seat for the entire drive, or visits with some of my oldest and most favorite friends. Somehow Jooj and Toni escaped my iPhone, too.

Stay tuned for part two: the scenery.


  1. Your mom is so pretty.
    I love your instagram...sometimes it is so much easier to leave the camera at home.
    Glad you had a fun time.

  2. What a great trip! It looks so pretty up there. Such cute kids, the picture of Elliot with the DQ shake is my favorite :).

  3. That all looks great! I can't get over how grown up Mabel looks in that pic of her at the Grill!
    This post makes me very anxious to get out of town myself.

  4. I just love instagram. These photos are great!

  5. Such cute pics. Welcome back! We missed you.

  6. I love all these pics! They make me eager to come hang with you all!
    Take good care of ERP for me this weekend!

  7. gorgeous photos! i love the utah mountains. man, i miss them!


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