Thursday, November 04, 2010

this sister

No. 4: Today, after a quick chat on the phone, I am especially thankful for Leslie. She has always been the best example of grace and style. I love her dearly and wish New Mexico wasn't between us.

p.s. Have you been following her What I Wore Wednesday posts? I look forward to them every week. And then I mourn the total lameness that is my wardrobe. :)


  1. I haven't been following her but based on that amazingly adorable top, I will be.

    And I will join you in mourning for I have the lamest wardrobe *ever*.

  2. I've been following and look forward to it every week. I wish my closet held anything remote to one of her outfits.

  3. You're crazy, Steph. Thank you! I was all excited to see what you were going to be thankful for today, I never thought it would be me! :)

    Love you, can't wait to come to your house.

  4. isn't leslie wonderful?! i count my lucky stars that she's my friend for life.


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