Friday, October 01, 2010

You are nice.

 cute baby girl at Lua Nova by Renato Stockler


I have been totally overwhelmed by the response to my call for scrapbooks! Hooray! You are all so kind. Thank you to everyone who has offered a scrapbook (or two or five!).

If you are still feeling the urge to help, it's not too late. We'll take all the scrapbooks we can get. 

From Julianne's blog today:

"this afternoon i chatted extensively with two of the girls, each showed me old and tattered notebooks and scraps of paper filled with writings and drawings they have treasured in their rooms. but neither of them had pens of their own to continue writing/drawing/creating etc. i had no idea! i gave them each some random pens i had in my bag. it made their week. i mean really?"

So yes, the need is great.

Thank you, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend. I am going to be listening to this and pretending it's not 103 outside.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    You don't know me, but I saw your last post last night and started working on a scrapbook. I'm planning on doing 1 or 2 (I'm seeing how far I'm getting on them... I'm hoping for 2 though.) I'll let you know when I get done with them so I can get them over to you (I live in Gilbert... you live in Mesa, right?) After reading your sister's blog last night as well, I was thinking I would also go and purchase a variety of fun pens to send down with the scrapbooks.
    Thank you so much for thinking of this project! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve- what a neat thing, since your sister is down there and can make sure it gets to these girls who would so appreciate them!!! Love it!!

  2. yay steph. YAY! i really do love you all so much.

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I am no scrapbooker but I would love to help pay for postage. Please get my number from Abbie and call me if that would help you out. I can bring over a check.
    Jake's Mom

  4. my young women are totally in ... i'll send you an email soon.


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