Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 things that made yesterday great

1. It was cool enough for the kids to have PE outside. For the first time since school started.

2. I took the sun shades off of the windows on the back of my house. I look forward to this every fall. My kitchen and Arizona/laundry room instantly become about a million times brighter.

3. Mike decided to work from home. Yay! No more missing him for 13+ hours a day.

4. The first section of my kitchen cabinets was dry enough to hang. I love them.

What made your day great?


  1. The cabinets look great!

    My day was great yesterday because we finally got channel 12 to come in on our tv.

    And I finished one of my reports at work (they take me forever to write).

    Small victories I know

  2. I LOVE them! They look so pretty with your paint color!

  3. BEAUTIFUL cabinets! Looks like we don't have the same granite after all. Mine is black. But we do have the same wall color! How much would you charge to do my cabinets when you're done with yours? Ha ha ha!

  4. mike's working from home? whoa, i need to call you. the cabinets look awesome!!!!!! :)

  5. that picture is so beautiful steph. your composition skills are so amazing! truly! love you so much. thanks again for all your help. where would i be without you?! :)

  6. Those look awesome! I live in Erie, PA and I'm thanking my lucky stars that the weather is still warm enough here to go outside without a jacket. It is just so beautiful. But reading your post makes me miss Arizona, and that glorious end of summer when it finally starts cooling off!

  7. I am LOVING the cabinets! I need details on how you're refinishing them...I don't like the color of our oak cabinets, even though they are only 6 years old (and a dark oak, so I guess that's a least a little better than the old honey color). I SO want to paint them cream and paint my walls green too - it's so gorgeous! Provided, of course, that I can even remotely talk my husband into a project like that. Especially since he thinks they look just fine as they are. :) (Then I'd want to paint my hand-me-down kitchen table cream as well!)

    I'm nervous though that I might make the cabinets worse and will wish I had left them alone. Do you mind sharing with me? I am lost in the wishing stage of it all.... :) And I've read so many things about having to fill in the oak grain first and it all seems so overwhelming. THANKS! tiffanyanna@gmail.com

  8. Steph the cabinets look great. Good job and a big one. Such a difference. Bet Mike likes them now.

  9. cabinets look great!!! gives your kitchen a whole different look and i like it :)

    let's see... what made my day great today...
    feeling david's fingers stroke my sides when nursing would have to be it!!!

    love you all!

  10. beautiful colour..Love the look of them...Please send some beautiful warm weather our way..I want some..Pretty please...

  11. that is crazy that they kids just now got to go outside for PE my kids had to stay in side cause it was 22 degrees!!! HELP. Love the kitchen can't wait to see it all done.

  12. I am in the middle of priming my cabinets and am wondering what beautiful creamy color you used on your cabinets? (I follow your sisters blog "a room somewhere") I am a fellow Texan.

  13. hi lex

    i am using "heavy cream" by martha stewart for the home depot. it is a really pretty creamy white.

    good luck with your cabinets!


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