Friday, September 24, 2010

a little bit of fall

the leaves in my parents' yard after a quick storm

Stella and my mom en route to the stream and Oliver with his walking stick

Mabel leading the way down the mountain and a very smooshable baby Elliot

I love Sundance in September. We admired the leaves and even got to wear sweaters once or twice. It was so nice.

As I was herding all of the children and luggage through the airport alone yesterday (Mike is still in Utah for a work thing), I kept chanting to myself: I can do hard things. Actually, I needn't have worried. The kids were perfect, and fellow passengers very kind.

And now we are home and Yodipity has pumpkin yogurt. Yum.

Happy Fall.


  1. it looks so pretty there right now! and mom looks so skinny!

    elliot, not so skinny. :)

  2. "Smooshable", I love that word! It's perfect for that face too! Glad you found some color and cool weather. It's starting to be beautiful up there!

  3. Glad you had A break from the heat in beautiful Sundance. Yes, baby Elliot is smooshable!

  4. Pumpkin yogurt sounds almost as delicious as baby Elliot looks! So glad you had fun!

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Happy fall, beautiful pictures. I love the fall colors.

  6. That looks like such a fun trip...what a great time to visit Utah, I'll have to remember that next year. :) Love your pictures.

  7. Oh, that looks like the perfect place to go right now! Glad you had fun. Welcome back.

  8. What a beautiful home your Mother has!(the little wee bit I can see of it) So happy you could get away to escape the heat of Phx and have a fun time with your babies :-) I have recently found your blog and have to say, I love your style...I look forward to seeing more of your great ideas for home decor xo

  9. Stephanie,
    I'm a good friend of Leslie's from Sugar Land. I check out your blog via her blog and I saw your post about hemming jeans a while back. I had to tell you that I followed your instructions on it and was shocked at how easy it was!!! Thank you so much for posting it! I just put a link to your blog on mine because I want to share that good information with my friends!!!

    Melanie Rossi

  10. how delightful - fall and sundance!

  11. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I love the photos!


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