Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Utah: Miscellany

There is a big root beer mug in the Provo Canyon that sells rootbeer floats. I think it's kind of silly. Delicious, but silly. We swarmed it one evening before my brother Matthew went home to California.

I thought Mabel looked pretty while concentrating on the song she composed (and later performed) with Annie and Audrey; Oliver and Jack wish they were brothers; and take a look at all those shoes! They lined the entire front hallway.

Phew. This concludes our summer vacation recap of 2010. Thanks for sticking with me.

Next up: first day of school photos. School starts tomorrow! Can you believe it? If you ask me, it's way too hot still to be starting school.


  1. I love all the pictures of the shoes lined up. It reminds me of our house growing up, although they never looked that neat!

  2. I blog stalk you and love your cute blog and your cute kids! I happen to live in Utah and am dying to go on a hike and get a root beer float. Where exactly is the stand?

  3. hi amber

    the rootbeer float stand is right on the provo river at the entrance to vivian park (where the heber creeper ends) in the provo canyon.

    have fun!


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