Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My husband's father is from Massachusetts, so last week we headed east to see his family. It had been about 17 years since Mike last saw his Grandad. I was so happy to finally meet him. We spent lots of time playing in his beautiful yard. It was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Side note: My kids have seen all 4 of their living great grandparents this summer. I love that.


  1. What a fun trip! The grass & everything look so green and beautiful. What a great place to go to escape from the oven here. It is really cool when kids get to know their great grandparents.

  2. The yard look beautiful and of course the kiddos are the cutest.
    It was so great to be with you all.
    So glad we could all spend time at you home.
    Love you bunches

  3. I live in Mass.! We live in Duxbury...it's a wonderful beach town. Hope you had fun! found you through clover lane...

  4. I'm a secret admirer of you blog. I have followed your blog for quite awhile now. I think I felt we were one because we were both pregnant and expecting around the same time. I don't know. Anyways, I am hoping you can answer a really stupid question. Do you happen to remember the brand of the blanket your son is swaddled in, in these pictures. It is the star blanket. I saw these at a boutique when I was still expecting. I thought they were a little over priced,even though the material was so incredibly soft and breathable. I thought, I can find something at the fabric store and make my own for so much cheaper. I was wrong. I can't find any fabric like it. So I am now desperately searching for them. The boutique I saw them at is now out of business. I went to try and buy them and they were gone. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.


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