Monday, February 01, 2010

Welcome February

I am so glad that it's February.

This month Mike and I will celebrate our ninth anniversary (has it really been that long!).

Also this month I am one month closer to delivering this still un-named babe. We went back to the drawing board in the name department. Maybe starting over will help us decide? I hope so.

Last week I was featured on Today's Creative Blog. Can you believe it? I am totally flattered. It is such a fun blog.

And today one of my vintage posts was re-posted by Sarah at Clover Lane. She has wonderfully strong opinions about motherhood. I couldn't agree with her more.

This week I am taking it easy. I feel like I've been running myself a little ragged lately. So today Stella and I are reading books on the couch and putting our feet up.

What do you have planned?

image from better than fine


  1. Yes, I believe it for sure.
    And I'm so glad for February too.

  2. i'm taking it easy, too. it's such a luxury to stay home with our kids, don't you think we should enjoy it? i do, too. :)

  3. February is a great month for me, too! My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary tomorrow and bringing our baby girl into the world on Thursday... if she'll wait just 2 more days!!

  4. I'm thrilled to see January gone.
    Found you from the vintage post on Clover Lane. Everything you said is how I want to be. Hoping to learn more.

  5. Just so you know, in my dream last night, I overheard Mike telling Roger Childers your 2 baby name choices. So now I know.

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    That might be one of my all time favorite photographs. Now, why doesn't that happen in real life?

  7. I found you on Today's Creative Blog which I stalk religiously and it looks like I have added a new one to my list!

  8. I think we're really going to stop at two kids, so you can have my other boy name, Justus, from the Book of Acts.

  9. We don't have a name yet either! kelly


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