Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the details

I've come up with some dress options for anyone who is interested:

option 1. If you like the denim dress I made for myself, or the green linen dress I made for my sister, you can purchase one like it for $85.

option 2. You provide me with the fabric of your choice and I will turn it into a dress just for you for $70.

option 3. You tell me what you'd like your dress to look like, and I will find the fabric for you. The price of this dress varies, but would be somewhere in the $90 range.

Shipping is $7.

What do you think?

Email me and let's discuss.

See more about the dresses here.


  1. leslie says it's better to go with a heavier fabric...darn - i have yards of a turquoise linen-look, but that wouldn't do. i'll get shopping...

  2. What do you have in the works for Autumn-wear?

  3. i say that because steph said she made one out of simple cotton and it seemed too flimsy . . . dark denim would be so cute with some fun boots this fall!

  4. Really cute Stephanie- Good luck, I'll help spread the word around. I think the price is fair too. If I ever have a waist again and some dress money I'll be e-mailing you!

  5. Stephanie!

    I feel so ashamed that I haven't thanked you for my package. But I seriously haven't been home for more than 5 days in a row since getting my fun pattern in the mail. I'm home now and my kids are back in school. I'm planning on getting my sewing area cleaned back up next week and get working on the silk dress. I will keep you posted.

    Thank you again! That was very very sweet of you.

    April Kennedy

  6. I think the top of the dress would make an adorable shirt too.

  7. I have been trying to email about making a dress for me but I keep getting the email returned. Would you mind emailing me at sparkleoo5@yahoo.com
    Thank you Judy


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