Monday, August 31, 2009


This one belongs to Elizabeth.
Have you decided what color you'd like?

email me:


  1. Still looking for a fave fabric.

  2. Still looking for a fave fabric.

  3. I LOVE my new dress. How can I say thank you? I will tell all where and how I got it and what a talented grandaughter I have and they can have one too if they send fabric and pay for having it made.
    You just have to tell me how much to tell them you charge.
    Thank you again and love you mucho.

  4. My new favorite dress. I'll have pictures up tonight!

  5. wow, stephanie, this dress is amazing.

    i really wish i had some extra $$ laying around to order one from you. it is seriously fantastic!

    great job!

  6. from one barefoot to another:I loved your blog! Keep up the great work and I hope you feel better soon! Love Jodi


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