Saturday, June 06, 2009

We swim.

Stella is fearless in the water.
Oliver, on the other hand, doesn't dare leave the step.

Either way, it's fun.


  1. yes, very cute suit!

  2. Yes - where did you get the suit? I love it and have been looking for something like that everywhere...
    Please email if you don't want all your bloggers to know. I love that knot in the front -

    I am also glad I don't have the only boy who is scared to leave the step.

  3. miles is water-shy, too, and i'm not complaining one bit. love the suit, i ordered the same top.

    here's the link to find the suit for your readers, hope you don't mind, steph!

  4. Oh I was going to comment on your suit too but it's been done a few times already :) Your shirt in the last post is super cute too. You P* girls sure have great style!

  5. I love the suit too and was going to comment on it. Looks like that has been covered! I found your blog through Cardigan Empire and have been a lurker for over a coupole of months.

    Our youngest (2.5) is getting ready to graduate from a swimming program called ISR. He was AFRAID of the water prior to ISR. Now, he is a fish. Being a former swim teacher it broke my heart that he did not enjoy swimming. I wish I had done this program with my other children. Once we moved to the pool capital of the world (it seems), I knew infant swimming survival was a must. You can check them out at to find an instructor near you.

  6. Swimming seems like the best thing to do in the AZ heat! I don't blame you one bit.
    I noticed someone mentioned ISR. I did ISR, but I'll be honest it's really only worth it for kids 3M to 1 year. At this point, you'd be better off putting them in swimming lessons, if you are even interested. I recommend EVO Swim School. They are amazing!! My 4 year old swims laps doing the freestyle. :) And my one year old swims on her own.

    Love your suit too! cute... especially on YOU!

  7. Seriously Steph... anytime there is a photo of you on your blog, everyone comments on how much they love your clothes. I'm thinking you need to start a blog about buying cute but practical mom clothes on a budget, since I know you don't go crazy with your expenditures.
    Poor Oliver... it looks so bright! He's so adorable though!

  8. ISR does not teach babies under 6 months old to swim. ISR teaches children 6 months through 6 years to survive in the water if they had a water emergency. Not proud to say it, but Arizona now has the highest amount of child drownings in the nation. Not one child who has been through ISR has drowned. My husband was very skeptical of ISR due to the cost, but is now a believer. And when you think about it, ISR only costs the price of a weekend away from the hot AZ heat to San Diego. Rehab for a surviving drowning victim is in the millions to billions. Sorry to be so passionate, but too many kids have already drowned this summer. Going to have to check out EVO Swim School that someone mentioned for my older kids.

  9. silly kiddos - but what draws my attention is that FABULOUS suit on your skinny body. girl - seriously, WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT SUIT?!


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