Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Our garden grows.

(please notice the size of these leaves in comparison to my size-7 foot)

Our pumpkins are taking over.
Our cilantro is over two feet high.
And we harvested our first tomato yesterday.

Who knew having a garden could be this exciting?

p.s. Stella was giddy all day yesterday.
She is a different girl than the one in the cast.
We are pretty happy around here.


  1. You can tell you live somewhere warm! :) Here in East-Central Illinois, we're just planting gardens now and won't be harvesting until summer. I just planted my Tomatoes, Pepeprs, and Herbs last weekend and they're growing well.

    Gardening is indeed exciting.

  2. Yeah! So glad to hear of the giddiness and the garden! I find gardening a bit on the exciting side, too!

    I love how pumpkin vines look...beautiful plants! We have some tomatoes growing as we speak, but not quite ready to pick. I can't wait to slice into one!

  3. Hooray for bendable Stella! I'll bet she feels so light and free! I'll bet you do too!

    Gardens are the best. In Utah we are just getting started but our cute little peas are up and going. Enjoy that cilantro for me! Mine won't be ready for about six weeks!

  4. I am so loving our tiny garden already this year. My basil is out of control... as is my cilantro (time to cook something yummy, apparently). My tomato plants, which I got a late start on, have 3-4 tomatoes each getting ready to turn red... it will take all my willpower not to just bite right into them straight off the plant.

  5. Wah! I'm jealous! I have lettuce and jalapenos growing, but can't plant anything else for two more weeks!

  6. its so funny how things are different where you guys live. we can't even start a garden yet because its still raining/snowing once in a while. but all the same it looks great. and stella leg is cute as ever.

  7. You willl have the greatest pumpkins ever at Halloween. I'll bet Mabel and Oliver love watching the garden grow. Did they plant a few things of their own to watch grow? Radishes grow very quickly and little ones can have the satisfaction of watching their own plants grow. Steph you are so happy with your life I'm sure it is contagious with all of the people around you. Love you much

  8. I'm excited to do a little gardening this year for the first time too!


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