Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a good thing I don't live in the Pacific Northwest.

Because after one morning of unexpected overcast skies and drizzles, I was in a mild funk. Not that I enjoy 100+ degree weather, but I sure do like to feel that sun on my face.


  1. me too. and hot insides of cars. although not arizona insides of cars. those hurt.

  2. it's been raining nonstop since sunday here... we're feeling very waterlogged and more than a little blue.

    i always love your pictures...

  3. Ah... me too! Now that it appears that we will live here in Utah forever, we're trying to figure out how we can sneak in some sun time during the winter!

  4. I live in the sometimes rainy midwest with its cold winters, but at least we have good hot, sunny weather for almost 4 months out of the year. I too NEED the hot sunshine. :)

  5. Imagine having grown up in Mesa only to be transplanted to the Puget Sound area for 8 years of your life! I thought I would die!

    Having said that, nothing beats their 75-ish days July-September!d If you can get through the 9 months of grey that is your reward!

  6. it was overcast there!

  7. I sure do miss Oregon like crazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the grey weather. Or maybe I have been in AZ for entirely too long and have selective memories. BTW - I am a friend of Sara at Happy Life and now also friends with Leslie...through bloggy I am not a total stalking stranger!

    I have read and read your blog and Stella's legs - how sad!!! But have shared your ingenious chair and dolly for getting around - brilliant. My 1 year old has been wearing corrective braces/splints (essentially 3/4 the way around casts with straps) on her legs/feet for 6 months. As of last week she now only wears them at night. My 7 year old has a cast on her arm for nearly a month. That is easy. The splints on my baby? Easy compared to what you did with Stella! I am so glad you are past that!

    Also, I am working on t-shirts for girls camp - we are using the $2 soft t-shirts from Walgreens. I am planning to cute 'em up like you did that brown one - any tips?

  8. I would not like cold overcast weather either. Glad I live in So Ca.
    Hugs and kisses

  9. oh, I've enjoyed running and going for bike rides in this overcast weather. I know it won't last long, but I really enjoy an overcast day in the summer here. A nice break from the 100 degree days we have been having.
    It is going to make Mesa High graduation much nicer and hopefully it is "nice" like this tomorrow around 5pm when I take the cub scouts fishing!
    When my parent's get their pool pump fixed it can get sunny again. After all, I need that sun to tan all of the fat parts of my pregnant body. Don't worry, I'll wear at lest 30 sun block, but my saddle bag dimples look a lot nicer in tan.


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