Friday, April 24, 2009

We had to get out of the house today.

I was about to go crazy.
Stella was put into her cast nearly 4 weeks ago.
Her doctor told us to stay home until she gets her cast off, but we've been cooped up too long.

So I loaded Stella into her huge spica-approved car seat and off we went.

While we were out, I decided that "bohemian" is my new summer look.
Then we met Mike for lunch and had ice cream.
And we were happy.


  1. You look gorgeous, as always! I'm glad you could get out, even for just a couple of hours!

  2. you look like a bohemian supermodel. gorgeous color and your eyelashes, don't get me started. :) has mike seen this picture? :)

  3. That top is cute- and you look really thin (awesome)- any good diet secrets to share?? I'm so glad you guys got to get out today!

  4. Love your shirt. Where do I get one?

  5. I am glad you got out! If they gave you a car seat why not? I am glad you had ice cream too...I am wanting some now! Oh, and please enlighten me...what does Spica stand for or mean?

    The shirt is cute and looks so cool! It looks like the ones we used to get in Mexico.

  6. I've seen the picture now. How do you spell out that tiger purring sound?

  7. You are tooooooo beautiful and I love your blouse. The color is great and make your eyes look shiny and wonderful and then there are those eyelashes! How blessed I am to have you for you for my granddaughter.
    Love you

  8. I love that picture! The color contrast is beautiful. So glad you guys got out of the house... I think I would go mad staying in that long! And the comments on your pic? Very flattering...I hope it made you smile ear to ear!

  9. um, hello you're gorgeous. remind me to photograph you next time you're in town...


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