Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm feeling changey.

Sometimes, after reading a blog or perusing a magazine, I get suddenly and extremely discontented with my house. Don't get me wrong, I love my house. Like, so much that some days I never want to leave it. It is my favorite place to be.

But sometimes I want to change it all.

My current case of the decorating blues is a direct result of reading the latest issues of English Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens. They are two of my favorite magazines, and these particular issues were so full of inspiration that I was ready to throw all of my furniture out the window and start over. (Or, in the case of Country Living, leave the desert for the much more bearable clime of the English countryside. Did I mention that it's supposed to be 100 here today? Heaven help me and my sweaty, casted baby.) That might be fun, but I think I would miss a lot of my things.

And so I have made a decision. From now on, I will only purchase things that I absolutely love. I will slowly (as my budget allows) replace the things in my house that I don't love with things that I can't possibly live without. Everywhere I turn, I want to see something special.

I'd like to start in my living room with the rug pictured above. My living room could use some lightening up.


  1. that's a really pretty rug. i love your house, i can't think of single piece of yours that i'd get rid of, except maybe that white cast. :)

  2. Can I be on your hand-me-down list?

  3. Seriously! You have such great style, I'll take hand me downs too ;-) We have nothing for whenever we move out of the in laws!

  4. How funny you should mention this, because I recently made the same goal: to take my time and purchase only things/clothes/decor that I love, rather than settling for price or convenience. What prompted this resolution? Looking at your house and thinking, "I wish I was more like Steph."

    This requires patience, of course, which I wish I could buy,t o

  5. Sounds like someone is ready for spring!

  6. Love the rug. It would look perfect in my house!

    And several months ago I made the same decision. It's not worth the wasted money to buy things I don't love!

  7. i get that same feeling. having it now. tried to spray paint a bookcase that has needed to be painted for almost 8 years. it didn't work. now i have to go buy some paint and roll it on. i am also deep in my closets organizing the heck out of em.
    hope i feel better because right now i am overwhelmed and have things all around me. it's always worse before it's better right?

  8. I do love that rug. I wish I had all the money in the world to completely gut my house and start all over with beautiful things.... to dream.

    I'd love to know each and everything you get rid of, I'm willing to pay! You have great taste!

  9. i agree with laura. your house inspires me. love it.

    i totally get what you are saying though. i recently did that with my dishes and am in the process of doing it with my closet.

    it's a great feeling. GOOD LUCK!

  10. That's a great decision but also a hard one! I am in the process of acquiring Fiesta Ware dishes. No more Corelle for us! (Well, as soon as I get enough of my bright happy plates!)

  11. Uh, I hear ya. we live in a goverment/military furnished home for the next 2. years, with the ugliest hotel furniture.

    The flip side is that I can save all my money for new wonderful furniture...since I sold most of ours before we moved to Oz.


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