Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We spend quite a bit of time waiting for Mabel to get home from school, and coloring seems to be the favorite waiting activity these days.

This is one of my favorite spots in our house.
I am convinced that the best money my mom ever spent was on this little table.
(It was a Christmas gift a few years ago.)

It gets used and loved every single day.

I think every child needs a space of their own.
(Just like their moms do.)

Even Stella.
(She is a very busy person.)

First grade is entirely too long!
We miss you, Mabel.


  1. that is a great picture, stephanie.

  2. That is too cute with their art displayed above the table!

  3. So sweet! Summer starts asking when her sisters are coming home at about 10am. It is a long time to wait.

  4. oh sdella :) i love her so much. so happy i got to spend some real time with her over christmas :)

  5. Very cute table and adorable kids.

  6. Very sweet! love the table!

  7. the table is so cute.

  8. This was my first time visiting your blog and I just love it!
    I have saved it as a favorite!
    Where of where did your Mom find such a fabulous table? Please tell.
    I love the art display string.
    Mommy to six and one more on the way!

  9. What a precious picture.


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