Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Every girl deserves seasonal bedding.

Mike and I have inherited some new bedding.

It is soft and creamy and black and beautiful.
We will be enjoying it until spring, when our crisp white quilt will return from its banishment to the linen closet.


  1. Love it!!!!!

  2. we just switched to our wintertime bedding too! it's the best and now robby and i can share the same covers.

  3. now me and you and grammy all have matching black toile-ish bedding. :)

    is that from the indy condo?

  4. Can I make a reader suggestion? You should do a photo tour of your house b/c every snippet you post I think is just fabulous. Love your style! Your front door, your sewing spot, it's all pretty!

  5. I wish I could decide what to do with my bedroom.

  6. looks great. glad the background wasn't too creamy. mom

  7. love and love. love the fabric. love the colors. love the photography. love the pix in the background. love the oval frame.

    basically, love everything you do!

    "mad style" as the YBH ladies would say.

  8. I made some of your Aunt Lucille's pumpkin bread last night and it's delish! FYI, that recipe was just right for 5 mini loaf pans, and it cooked in about 50 minutes.


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