Monday, September 17, 2007

This is dedicated to the one I love.

Death Cab for Cutie I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Mike is leaving on a business trip tomorrow. I am sad.


  1. I get sad too when hubby leaves for a biz trip. My shoulder is available should you need to cry, by blog if you need to shout or scream, and any restaurant if you need lunch.

  2. "Catholic vicious as Roman rule..." How Morrissey-esque. I love it. Thanks for the introduction to Death Cab for Cutie. I like that song. Since becoming a mom, I am completely out of it when it comes to new's a cryin' shame.

  3. but mike's not gonna die steph! :) I love that song, too, but it's kind of sad.

    and kelley! i'm shocked! my london concert partner didn't know about death cab for cutie? :)

  4. we are here for you. call at any hour and gracie and i will be over in a dash!


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