Thursday, September 20, 2007

Their Favorite Room

We are actually able to step into our non-air conditioned Arizona room without passing out (at least in the mornings, anyway).
Mabel and Oliver immediately set up shop.

It's a good day.


  1. what a fun area! love their pjs. :)
    i'm so glad it's cooling off for you guys.

  2. can't believe its still really hot their. i'm kind of jealous. i like the hot weather. it is getting down to the 30's here. and we are already using jackets.

  3. Love that picture! It's cooled off here, too. I love this weather.

  4. So cute! I love the bench!

  5. Yay for cooler mornings.

  6. i love the brotherly sisterly love. i can't wait for gav and o to play together like this!

  7. You have the most wonderful kiddos and I am so glad it is cooling off for you. CUTE picture
    Love you

  8. such a cute little space!

  9. Wonderful photo, Stephanie.
    Arizona's hot weather gives me a hot flash just thinking about it. :(

  10. Hi stephanie!

    First off Mabel and cute are those names! I love it! I totally remember you telling me you were pregnant when we at lunch at pat and oscars so long ago now! I am very happy for you!
    Arizona? what does our hubby do? Are you working too?

    I am loving being a mom and san diego! It is so nice. Thank so much for saying hi on my blog that totally made my day!


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