Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Few of My Firsts

First Car Accident: I was 16 and I was in the middle of taking my driving test. I was trying to make a left turn. I was very nervous and didn't see the little white Civic speeding in the right hand lane. They hit me, but it was totally my fault. I definitely failed my test and cried a whole lot.

First Job: I was a paper scanner at my dad's office. It was not fun, but the hours were flexible.

First Real Job: I was a senior at BYU, majoring in Home and Family (which involves lots of sewing). So I became a seamstress at a bridal shop. It's not as glamorous as it might seem. I was the youngest employee by about 50 years (I am not kidding).

First Concert: During my freshman year I got mono (luckily Mike was spared). I went home to California to get some rest and managed to see The Sundays in LA while I was "resting". It was small and so amazing!

First Car: my dark cranberry GMC Jimmy. My family was in love with GMC suv's. I think at the height of the madness we owned about 6.

First College Roommate: Katie Q. We were different, but we managed to share the 10 square feet we called our dorm room and still like each other.


  1. the car accident could really put a damper on driving for a while! And a seamstress for a bridal shop?...not bad!! That is still on my list of things to get better at, one of these days.

  2. i remember being completely jealous of your trip to the sundays concert, considering their tape was the first music i ever bought and you totally copied me by liking them.


  3. i can't get over the car accident! that is crazy.

  4. If you did allow anonymous comments I would ask who your first love was.

  5. oh, honey, you know it was you.


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