Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm not kidding

when I say that Mabel will only wear pink dresses.

This is what is in her closet:

(And that's not even all of them. There is more pinkness waiting in the laundry.)

This makes it difficult when she is supposed to wear a specific color to school.
Today's color is supposed to be green.
Yah right.


  1. so what did you do?

    btw, audrey has a pink seersucker dress waiting to be grown out of. then it will join its friends in the celestial kingdom of pink dresses: mabel's closet.

  2. But they're such pretty dresses!! :)

  3. If I could only get my Isabel to wear pink dresses. Or dresses at all...

  4. maybe you could find a pink one with some green on it. i think that is too funny about mabel! i wonder when she'll grow out of that....hopefully not too soon, it is so cute.

  5. This photo is so beautiful it could be framed--all the delicate shades of pink. You should see my boys closet--all blue and orange and flannel.

  6. I love this picture. I see a dress with a significant amount of green in there. I've always wanted to see the inside of Mabel's closet and dresser.

  7. it all started when you dressed her in only the palest of pinks when she was a baby.

    miss dub, on the other hand, loves blue and bright neons.

    could it be a reflection of our respective personalities? (yours being kind and feminine and mine being ridiculously obnoxious?)

  8. i love that fun girly closet. you should see my boys closet's. they dream of anything with a skull on it. this pretty closet is soothing.

  9. Love the pink!!! She is definitely a girlie girl and I love it!
    Love you much

  10. am i to assume she wore pink even though it was a green day? she may have a bit of rebellion in her after all. but not with that sweet little doll face. :) hope to see you today!!

  11. I think that is adorable! She is such a girl!


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