Friday, July 06, 2007

Our waitress was no photographer.

One night,
my parents watched our kids and sent us next door
to the Four Seasons for dinner.
It was delicious.
Mike snapped a quick photo during our walk over.
(Aren't we cute?)

During our sunset dinner,
our waitress took our picture.
Here are her dismal attempts:

She was really nice and a great waitress.
But I wish our pictures had turned out as well as our food.


  1. Oh, those are bad. ;) You guys are cute, though!

  2. i think you both have dick clark syndrome because you both still look 18 in these pics. and cute, despite the photo quality.

  3. maybe you could add one of these to your mabel & oliver silhouette arrangement in your room. :)

    ferarro's is yummy.

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time! You have me all excited for our Hawaii vacation!!
    What a totally fab place... and how nice of your parents to give you some alone time! All the pictures are great (well, except the ones the waitress took) :)

  5. the sunset is beautiful... and so are you!

  6. i wanna have one of those dinners outside with the ocean and wonderment! i guess minus the incapable waitress. glad the trip was such a success!

  7. I've loved seeing all your pics. I'm totally jealous!

  8. You ARE cute!!! Glad you had a fun time.

  9. seriously such a dream - dinner ocean-side with your love.

  10. Hey it looks like we just missed you guys! How fun to go with your whole family! Maui is so beautiful- I wish I was still there! Your hotel looks wonderful!

  11. I like the bottom photo actually.


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