Monday, July 30, 2007

The Rains Came

This is what it looks like outside right now.
(Please notice that the curbs have completely disappeared
and the water is lapping at our front lawn.
I promise it looks more impressive in real life.)
It is during times like these that I am glad our house was built on a rise.

There's a car hidden somewhere in that big splash.

It's a really good thing I watered the grass this morning.

Our street is a river.
Our trash can just floated away and I wasn't about to run outside and stop it.

I guess this means we can't go swimming for FHE tonight.


  1. I saw your trash can and I wasn't going to get it either. Yes ,it's crazyer in person.We were in it.

  2. The water in the grass area in front of my parents' house is gushing onto the street. It's completely leveled out. You would have no idea that the grass dips down 4 feet if you were to try to walk through it.

    Maybe we'll row over to your house tonight to visit.

  3. how exciting!! isn't the rain so nice? how long does the monsoon season last?

  4. Is it still warm while it rains? I love that kind!

  5. robby called and said it was raining but it wasn't over here. nothing near as exciting. but the 60 was covered to the carpool lane. what a nightmare of water diversion.

  6. that's some serious water! stay safe and dry, will you guys?!

  7. oh, i love arizona monsoons! makes me want to come and visit. it was my favorite time of year.

  8. I never knew there was a monsoon season in Arizona. Pretty impressive!!

  9. That is cool, in a weird way. I love that your trash can floated away:) Did you make Mike get it when he got home? Don't go driving around in that stuff with your cute kids and little belly.

  10. I came over from the skinner news site to look at these photos. It looks like quite a storm. I'm glad everything is okay.


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