Sunday, July 15, 2007


Where is your cell phone?
Relationship? solid
Your hair? blonde
Work? neverending
Your sisters? pretty
Your favorite thing? family
Your dream last night? forgotten
Your favorite drink? dr pepper
Your dream car? right now?- minivan (lame, I know)
The room you’re in? den
Your shoes? too hot for shoes
Your fears? bad people
What do you want to be in 10 years? the same
Who did you hang out with this weekend? in-laws
What are you not good at? public speaking
Muffin? anything without nuts
One of your wish list items? minivan
Where you grew up? Villa Park, CA
Last thing you did? picked up toys
What are you wearing? maternity clothes
What aren’t you wearing? socks
Your pet? no thanks
Your computer? mac
Your life? perfect
Your mood? bored
Missing? Maui
What are you thinking about right now? tomorrow
Your car? bmw x5 (want it? it's for sale)
Your kitchen? messy
Your summer? HOT
Your favorite color? pink
Last time you laughed? this evening
Last time you cried? this morning (sacrament meeting was really good and I am really emotional right now)
School? yuck
Love? mike
Nick name? honey (but only mike can call me that)


  1. thanks for calling me pretty. :)

  2. I liked this post!! :)

  3. we got rid of our x5 and got an odyssey. LOVE IT! I did love the X5 and was sad, for like 2 seconds. And then Mia got herself in and out all by herself (she insists now and I say GO AHEAD!). Plus, we drove it to Utah and loved it. Good luck selling the BMW.

  4. Dr. Pepper really is the best thing. And no mini van's are not lame. (I keep trying to tell myself that anyways) Good luck selling your car and finding a great minivan!

  5. Only Mike is allowed to call you "Honey"? Bummer, I was really hoping...!

  6. Loved this post!! I may even copy it :)
    You look so adorable. I miss being pregnant!
    oh no, a minivan!??! I couldn't get myself to do it, I had to do an 8 passenger SUV. Once you have 3... EVERYTHING changes!
    Speaking of messy... my kitchen is too!

  7. remember how you are pregnant now? maybe you should start takin your cell phone with you around the house. maybe leslie could fashion some type of clip to go on her charm. it would make me feel better to know that when i call you aren't running up the stiars to answer it.

  8. you are soo cute pregnant!! I can't wait to be pregnant again. josh says august is our month, so hopefully things don't take too long. i'm also going to just plan on a girl since my life seems to be about 6-8 months behind yours, at least with when our children come.

    oh, and i love my minivan. i don't even care if they are lame or whatever, they are sooooo great for small children. can't wait to see what you get.

  9. Fun! Look how cute you are with your little tummy! :) Mabel is a doll, too!


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