Monday, April 09, 2007

I Feel Yucky

so please forgive my lack of blogging.

If you want to see what I've been up to, go here.
If you want to see what we did for easter, here you go:

oliver and me

oliver and mike

oliver and nana

mabel and her swollen eyes
(she has "the allergies" as she calls them.)

oliver was getting over a fever/throw up sick so he looks skinny and pale.
he is all better now.


  1. They are the cutest kiddos- even with swollen eyes and getting over the fever/throw up sick.
    Love you much

  2. just look at the pics of your cute kids and repeat, "it's all worth it." and then ask your doc for a prescription for premesis, a prenatal vitamin with extra B12 ... it worked wonders for me!

  3. oh, and no worries about not blogging. we understand.

  4. poor mabel and her itchy eyes. and it's so weird how one day of the throw-ups can make a chubby little kid look so different. and skinny. :(

  5. some phernegan might be good too... it works wonders for me. i hope you feel better soon!

  6. So sorry about the yuckies. I would get zofran or phenergan for sure. cute kids!

  7. so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling good - love the photos, though - especially the one of you and Oliver - so cute!

  8. you and your kids look so cute. really. and how nice to have family so close. but there is NO NEED to feel sick. If you don't call your doctor about Zofran, I WILL!

  9. I love the picture of you and Oliver! SO cute...I am sorry you are sick...and I am sorry Mabel has "the allergies"

  10. oliver has THE cutest place! what cute kids.

  11. sorry you're feeling yucky. and that your kids are/were, too. despite the yuckies, you all look great.

  12. dear steph,

    i miss you and your blogginess. i know that you have probably been using all your time and energy on those blankets (which i cannot wait to hold and adore and photograph). i just wanted you to know that you are missed, my dear!

    i'll be anxiously awaiting your return!

    mrs. r


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