Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dear Mrs. Dub,

I did what you asked.
I may have ignored my children, my sister, my sister's children, and any and all housework, but I did it.
Just for you.
Here is what I found:

My first born frolicking in the ocean.

The world's best burp rags, perfect for a baby shower. I am currently working on a blue/brown boy set. It's just an idea. They are really soft and very absorbent. You can find them here.

Good luck with the rest of the hunt.
I can't wait to see your new 'do.
And your new dress.

Love, Stephanie


  1. Dear Stephanie,

    Housework and family be darned! Those are two of the cutest pics a gal could dream of. I'll take one of each. Although, I have a feeling the first one may be sold out. In which case, bring on the adorable (and durable, as I can attest) burp rags!

    Mrs. Dub

  2. That picture of Mabel is so cute. She looks like she is totally enjoying being a kid.

  3. Stephanie, I don't know if I ever told you how cute those burp cloths are-I have gotten many compliments-now I need to track down those people and give them your website!

  4. Love the pics! Both are extremely cute, especially your first born!

  5. two highly snuggable items, that is for sure. hurry and post photos of the adorable baby blankets you make!

  6. Mabel look as though she is ballet dancing in the water. What and adorable and sweet little girl.
    Love her,

  7. i am in LOVE with mabel. LOVE her. i am in love with the photo of her in the ocean. MADE MY DAY!


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