Thursday, February 22, 2007

We Need You, Parker

Dear Parker,

Can you please move to Arizona and teach Oliver about super heroes?
We would really appreciate it.
You can see that we are in desperate need of your help.

Love, Aunt Stephanie


  1. I believe I have six nephews there who could help you out.

  2. Haha. Emily: "He's a boy."
    Me: "Yeah."
    Emily: "Why would he be wearing a dress?"
    Me: "That's silly, huh?"
    Emily: "Yeah."
    He does make a lovely princess. :)

  3. oh heavens. i'm booking a visit for parker the second of april.
    he's bringing capes. we have 5 and surely olibo can borrow one until hawaii, just to get him used to the idea.

  4. Yikes, first pink socks, and now this?
    Where is that boy's daddy?

    Well, at least he is in the blue dress! :-)


  5. i think steph staged it. it's an all-out attack to get us to move there. you know, next june is kind of a long way away, steph. :)

  6. steph. you are hilarious. i love your sense of humor. it is so refreshing.

  7. just for the record, this was not staged.

  8. I have a 26 month old boy who is all about cars,trucks, mud-puddles and dirt.... just in case you need some help :)

    Adorable picture!!

  9. Jenny's little Jonah is usually BatGirl when the boys play Superheroes :)


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